About ALCS

About ALCS

Abundant Life Community Services, Inc. (ALCS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the well-being of the underserved population through stabilized living conditions, education, and advocacy.  Since its inception, in 2000, the organization has been successfully addressing community needs by working collaboratively with caring partners.

Our responsive approach has resulted in community defined programs in education, food security, disaster relief, summer camps, family life education, youth mentoring, and civic engagement.

Volunteer sharing food


ALCS' mission is to develop the highest quality of life for all people by providing opportunties for personal and economic independence


ALCS loves meeting the personal and economic needs of families. That’s our heart. That’s the driving force behind everything we do


Whatever inherent abilities that one possesses, they should be used to improve the quality of life for all people and make a difference

Meet the Director

Hazel Royal is a community activist who champions the cause of the underserved. The New Bern native and administrative pastor at Abundant Life Miracle Center, who serves with her husband, George Royal, Senior Pastor, has turned that passion into tangible results as Director of Abundant Life Community Services. 

Ms. Royal’s current community work includes serving on the board of directors of Revive 5 (Five Points Revitalization), United Way of Coastal Carolina, and the New Bern Police Department’s city-wide Badge, Faith, and Community Fun Day Committee. She was a nominee for Craven County’s Distinguished Woman and a recipient of the N.C. Governor’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

“Hazel Royal’s exceptional volunteerism has spanned over 30 years and has yielded a positive impact throughout Craven County. Her organizational and team building skills, along with her compassionate nature, have positively impacted countless people.”

Krishanda Jones

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